We have installed flock of programs which one have registered in autoloads, and also have taken a place in the system panel and have created labels on the Workmount and in the fast start panel (fig. 9.79). On the yielded example once again we will consider process of optimisation of the computer. To begin with […]

And now the time has come to be acquainted with other programs which one are useful for having on the computer. We will begin with archiver Winrar. Archivers are programs which one allow to compress files, adding them in archive. Arhivirovanie specially it is useful at squeezing of text and some graphic files. Winrar The […]

Microsoft Office Practically on each computer it is possible to discover the deeds created by means of Microsoft Office. We will transit installation process of office programs from Microsoft corporation step by step. The godet is indispensable for setting of the yielded programs with the program of Microsoft Office of the last version (at the […]

For protection of your computer against viruses, trojans, other harmful programs and hacker attacks it is recommended to use programs about which one we will tell more low. Agnitum Outpost Firewall PRO Let’s begin the survey with program Outpost Firewall which one will help to advocate the computer from an unauthorised entry from a net […]

Let’s talk about programs which one will help us at Internet usage. We will consider browsers (programs for web browsing), mail programs, programs for dialogue in a net the Internet, utilities for a comfortable fill of files and other programs. We will begin the survey with browsers. Maxthon One of the best browsers built on […]

Let’s transfer to hardly probable not to the most useful programs from, featured in this chapter. By means of means considered further you can achieve a maximum capacity of your computer and maintain this state. XP-Antispy XP-Antispy – One of those programs which one it is necessary to instal literally right after computer switching-on. It […]

We were acquainted with programs which one are indispensable for review of films. Now has come to learn a time programs for audition of music records in formats MRZ, WAV and etc. Winamp Program Winamp – the recognised leader in the field of playback of musical compositions. After program load launch an attitudinal file and […]

VTRs on the sly leave in the past, and on their place DVD-players and computers come. On the computer you can view the films recorded on compact disks (files of format AVI, MPEG and etc.), and also to look the films spread on DVD (only in the event that at you in the computer drive […]

Let’s begin our survey with acquaintance to programs which one will help to make process of review of graphical representations more comfortably. Besides, we will be acquainted with yields which one will allow to make changes to graphical representations. XNview Let’s begin the survey with the free program for review of graphical representations XNview. As […]

Frequently standard means Windows are not yielded by freedoms of action as their functionality is restricted. In the yielded chapter you will be acquainted with programs of indirect vendors which one will help to simplify operation in operating system Windows XP. In the core we will consider free programs, and also some the paid programs […]